Planning An Extraordinary Wedding

Throughout a girl’s life from childhood to her teenage years and even beyond, a fairy tale wedding lingers in a corner. As children, girls ransack their mother’s wardrobe, slip into their mother’s gown and wear a pair of heels that don’t fit one bit to enact wedding ceremonies in their own little ways.

As they grow up, these delicate dreams too develop at the same rate and once it’s time to make that childhood enactment a reality, it will surely be a day to remember for a lifetime. In the commercialized world today, where everything could be personalized if you’ve got the right amount of cash, making your wedding day the same fairytale that you envisioned as a child, is not too good to be true anymore. Mentioned below are some things that you could consider including in the wedding to make it the best day ever.

Pick an infrequent theme

It has almost become customary for weddings to have a specific theme, according to which everything that’s supposed be to ready for the day will be arranged. From the bridal dress to the centerpieces everything will be set according to the wedding theme that has been picked out formerly.

The colors will be matched according to the theme that is chosen. Your wedding will stand out from the rest if you pick a good theme that has not been heard of or hardly ever used. Mason jars, candy bars, princess and luau are quite the hackneyed themes and it’s about time they retired.

Please don’t repeat them. It’s time to put your thinking hat and explore the world of possibilities and show the world something they’ve never seen.

Witty and hearty signage

Although a common sight at weddings these days, the lack of uniqueness and novelty in the quotes that are used in the creative signage makes it a very exhausting site to see at the wedding of a young and vibrant couple. Forget the old speech marks and find some seldom used phrases.

Better yet, come up with some witty repartee of your own. After all it is your day, give your guests a piece of your mind. Be careful not to be too honest while you are at it. This will also give ideas for your wedding celebrant and will give the occasion a hearty ambiance.

Have the tasks delegated and be the stress-free bride

You are the center of all attention and you deserve all of it. Don’t worry if thinks wouldn’t go as planned. Fretting about it doesn’t do any good. So have the tasks delegated to people you trust and sit back and enjoy because your state of mind will be reflected on your face. Don’t mar it.

Ensure that you Maid or Matron of Honor is up to the task of taking on responsibilities- so that you don’t have to micromanage all the small tasks that lie ahead of you. In fact, it can be a great idea to have both the Maid of Honor and the Best Man at regular small meetings so that tasks can be delegated and monitors.

Even the proofing of all the wedding speeches can be ‘outsourced’ to both the approval of the maid of honor and the best man (if you can trust them off course). This can work well to bring you more time as you won’t even have to give to much concern about getting a sample maid of honor speech from her or the outline of the best man’s speech– to ensure that it’s entertaining, yet respectful as well!

Make An Entrance Or Exit That Makes An Impression

We’ve all been to weddings that follow the same boring routine. We seen it hundreds of times on TV and so many times in real life. But, one area that can make quite an impression and not many people even do, is to make your entrance to the church or ceremony a little different and unique.

Some of the better ones I’ve witnessed was where the bridal party walked out of the church with a Stevie Wonder song and danced in sync down the aisle. It’s very uplifting and so different that it makes an impression and a long term memory from all those who attend.

Remember, this could be applied to your way into or out from the reception venue too. Discuss this with your significant other and the bridal party too, to get a good idea of how to enter or exit the venue and make a lasting impression.