4 Awesome Engagement Party Ideas

An engagement can come in many ways. While some brides enjoy being proposed to in front of the whole world, some others like to keep it private. Some brides also love the idea of an engagement party to share the joy of the occasion.

When it comes to an engagement party, you would definitely want it to be unique. You would not want it to be boring or ordinary.

So here are some unique ideas that you too can incorporate into your engagement party with ease.

1. A cocktail station

Engagements parties are a time for merry making. So there is nothing people would love more than an extra opportunity to get drunk. Because of this, people are going to love a cocktail station. It is also going to add that aura of sophistication to your wedding instantly. You can also get the services of a professional cocktail mixer with his fancy mixing techniques to give that real feel of a cocktail bar to your guests.

Combine this with your favorite grooves and you’ll have an engagement party to remember!

2. A sushi bar

Sushi bars are becoming more and more popular at events and there is no reason preventing it being in your engagement party. There are many sushi chefs out there today who will be able to set up a station at any location and start churning out sushi.

It will definitely add that nice oriental touch to your wedding. When choosing a sushi chef, keep in mind that making sushi is an acquired talent. Also keep in mind that it is raw fish, which needs to be cut just at the right time and the right thickness in order for it to maintain that freshness and taste.

So make sure that you pick an experienced and competent chef to handle the sushi bar at your wedding.

Be mindful of the timing and season of your engagement party if you are planning a sushi bar because once again, you are dealing with raw fish and you don’t want guests getting sick due to food going off due to the hot day or staying out too long.

3. A photo booth

Whilst not so much a theme, a rented photo booth at an engagement party kills two birds in one stone. It ensures that the guests have a good time posing in front of a camera with ridiculous accessories. It also gives the guests something to take home with them, which will keep your engagement fresh in their minds.

Be sure to mix this idea up with perhaps something like a themed party for example, which can work really well with the availability of a photo booth.

4. A dance off

Who doesn’t like to dance? If you’ve ever seen that episode of ‘The Office’ where David Brent has a dance of with Neil to raise money for charity, you’ll see that not only is it absolute fun, but totally entertaining too!

If you have a good DJ at your wedding, a dance off might be a great idea. You will have to work closely with the DJ and create a playlist which will support the dance off. This will definitely be a memory that you or your guests will not every forget.

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