Choosing The Perfect Band For Your Big Day

Marriage is an auspicious occasion where not only two souls are united but two families join hands mutually. And in a wedding, music plays a great role. You can make your wedding music entertaining by knowing some tips and tricks.

You will need to make sure that the venue or the location where the marriage will take place has been booked and properly organized. In fact, there are several venues which are in touch with quite a few wedding bands or even good dj’s they know and you could ask for references or more information from them.

In several ways recommendations turn out being quite helpful. Hence you could even ask relative, friends or couples who have recently got married.

After you have a list of names of wedding bands ready in your hand, you will need to make sure that you get it shortlisted. Go ahead and ask them about their rate and whether they will be ready to perform and prepare for a special wedding song for you.

In general they are ready while there might be a few who would not. You need not get panicky much about the cost as almost every band is ready for a negotiation.

It will be good for you to opt for a band which is local as they will be able to reach out to the venue on time. At the same time this will also save you from hotel expenses where you might need to accommodate about 5 people, at the least. Make sure that you do feed them well as hungry musicians would not be good at performing well! They might also not be quite enthusiastic to perform in hungry stomach. Hence make sure that this point is not at all neglected.

Make sure that you go through the song list of the band. This will give you an estimate about the possible outcome of the overall experience of your guests. It is also necessary for you to know that the band is ready and will be able to perform before a huge crowd. Weddings are big family occasion and so you will surely want that everyone in the party has had a good time. You need to understand the fact that not everyone is a heavy metal fan.

To learn more about a specific band, go ahead and listen to them on their website or go through a list of their demos. Make sure that you do not get carried away quickly. There are so many audios which are uploaded on their websites where many of their band members are no more playing. However you need not panic! Go ahead and listen to their live shows.

Also ensure that you talk to them about the formal part of your evening. The bridal waltz for example is something of tradition and often the highlight at the reception. It is after all, the first time you will dance with your significant other and you will probably have a vision and a song choice.

Don’t take it for granted that every band will be able to perform the song of your choice. Make sure that you check this with them and if they don’t usually perform that song, it can be a good idea to check in with them prior to the big day- you don’t want a nasty surprise on the day to know they are not prepared.

A good backup in this case is to have a digital copy of the song that you can play through the band’s sound system. In fact, if you like a particular band and they don’t currently perform the song you are thinking of, it can be best to just take a recording and play that instead on your big day.

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