Tips to Keep Your Costs Low on Your Wedding Day

Weddings don’t have to be expensive to be elegant. Sometimes you would be amazed to look at the DIY weddings online. There are so many ways and good alternatives you can look for to make your wedding a cost effective one.

All you need is to think out of the box. Not just that but the decisions you make affect the whole procedure. The vendors you choose, the locations, people to invite, and other details can change the way you look at the budget of your wedding. So, here are some of the pro tips we collected for you on how to keep your costs low for your big day.

The correct guest list

You don’t have to invite everyone in your Facebook friend list. There is no rule on who you want to invite for your wedding. You can’t invite anyone but it is best to stick to people you really know and has a right to participate for your big day. Especially when you are trying to keep costs low, your guest list can be one of the major things that add a lot of costs. If you want to have a quiet wedding then, your close family members and friends would be sufficient.


Create your own decors

Spending money on decorations for your money can be expensive or even cheap depending on the items you choose to have. But it doesn’t have to be expensive at all since there are so many DIY creations you can make by yourself without hassle. All you need to do is to pick some ideas online. For examples, flower vases, arrangements, candles, flower petals and other glasses can be really nice when it comes to wedding centerpieces for tables. Likewise, choose your decors according to the theme and colors. You can also get help from your loved ones to finish assembling the items on time.


Hire your family as vendors

Try to recognize the talents of your family. You don’t have to hire a musical band or musicians if your family has talent and already has a small band and are good at playing musical instrument. Even a DJ would be great and there are so many who is skilled in this. Or do you have a family based catering service? Food is one of the main items in your celebration and you want it to be in good quality. But it is hard to find quality food form the cheapest restaurant but a family owned one can be guaranteed.

It is great if your family or friends are real time wedding vendors so you can cut a good amount of prices in your wedding budget. What do you want gifts for your wedding or help? I would choose the latter.


Time And Location

If you have already started planning, you will notice that venues can charge different amounts according to the day, season and even the location of your reception. If you are trying to save a little, moving the wedding to a Sunday for example can save thousands compared to a Saturday.

Similarly, there’s usually a substantial difference between planning for a wedding in summer, compared to rates for several venues in winter.

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